U is for: U2

. . . And all of the other contributors to the great pool of quotes about being an writer. Here are three of my favorites, beginning with this post’s namesake: “Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief; All kill their inspiration and sing about the grief.” –U2, The Fly You can listen to this […]

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Q is for: Quandry

Quandaries make great plots. They are less fun in real life. I’m in the middle of one right now called the “is the strange number texting me someone I knew back in high school, someone I used to know in the dorms, or does a total stranger somehow know my name and my interests and […]

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L is for: Len

The character who’s driving me crazy this week. Len (short for Demagalen) is a major player in Redfeather and Envoy, though her influence in the trilogy is subtle and becomes more important in the second and third books. She’s patient and steady until she thinks the time is right for any given action, at which point […]

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I is for: Information

Let’s say you’re writing a crime novel. Let’s say you’re writing a spy novel. Or, even better, let’s say you’re writing a fantasy novel along the lines of the The Song of Ice and Fire books. How much understanding do you need to have of something like politics? For the spy novel, you’re probably imagining yourself entrenched […]

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D is for: Distraction

I am not about to tell anyone how not to be distracted, because I happen to be the expert in being distracted and getting nothing done, hence the short length of this post. However, I can make two hesitant suggestions. 1) Force yourself to do something and in having a cursory go at it you […]

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C is for: C++ versus The Stuff I Make Up

Intelligence is finished! It’s now a flash fiction, which you can read more about here. I approached it using a style of narration that mixes the character’s internal monologue with computer prompts. Well, with additional stylized monologue that’s based on how computer prompts read. Processing, override, negative positive, so on. (I have an “affirmative” in there […]

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