L is for: Len

The character who’s driving me crazy this week. Len (short for Demagalen) is a major player in Redfeather and Envoy, though her influence in the trilogy is subtle and becomes more important in the second and third books. She’s patient and steady until she thinks the time is right for any given action, at which point […]

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G is for: Grey McPherson

Grey is the leading lady in Envoy. When we meet her, she’s twenty six, and working far below her pay grade at her local governor’s office. Though well known for her sense of adventure and a willingness to accept challenges that had made her both the top of her class and the reigning strip poker champion in […]

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C is for: C++ versus The Stuff I Make Up

Intelligence is finished! It’s now a flash fiction, which you can read more about here. I approached it using a style of narration that mixes the character’s internal monologue with computer prompts. Well, with additional stylized monologue that’s based on how computer prompts read. Processing, override, negative positive, so on. (I have an “affirmative” in there […]

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At the crescent…

At the crescent curve of the table onscreen, at Earth’s table, there is nodding. And frowning. And stares. And messages exchanged in type. Secrets not meant for alien ears that could mean life or death on a scale that could destroy worlds. The crew waits with bated breath.
And waits.
And waits.
Earth’s leaders exchange a nod, and one by one, they raise their hands over the table.

Envoy- Acceleration

Just a sample of what’s to come, pulled directly from the final pages of Acceleration: the first volume of Envoy  which has just been completed!

The manuscript is already in the editing stage, and will soon be prepped for submission to interested agents and publishers with a second draft expected by no later than early April. If you know such a party, by all means, spread the word! Envoy is ready to start looking for its new home!

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