The Ghosts of Egypt has just been published!

The Ghosts of Egypt has just been published!

The novella is now available through Lulu in ebook form, for only $5.00! My first attempt at self publishing, I can’t speak to its elegance just yet and would love to hear reviews of readers’ experiences downloading the story through Lulu, but I can confirm that it is readable on any device with a free adobe download. Please take a moment to check it out!

Troubleshooting: If you view the ebook with Adobe Digital Editions and have trouble opening the epub file, try right clicking the file and pressing “show in folder”. Once there, right click again and click “open with”. You can then browse for a program to open with, and can find Adobe Digital Editions wherever you like to keep your program files, likely in either “program files” or “program files (x86)” in the “Adobe” folder.

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