Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Creative Non-fiction

Answers is a piece about the promises and pitfalls of the American west. It won an honorary mention in the 2014 Thompson Writing Awards at the University of Colorado’s Center for the American West.

The second edition of the piece was published in Journal 2020 in March, 2015.

Fiction Short Stories

The Ghosts of Egypt: When Margrette, a wealthy young Englishwoman, is entreated by up-and-coming archaeologist Arthur Stevenson to fund an expedition at the turn of the century, her one condition is that she be allowed come along. In the tomb that they discover, she witnesses an inexplicable event . . . and an eternal love.

The Ghosts of Egypt is now available for purchase from!

The Itch: Based on the mystery of the author’s great, great grandfather,; a minor, dying of black lung, who boarded a train in Salida, Colorado bound for Silverton but never disembarked.

The story is awaiting submission to prospective publishers.

The Last God: A jaded being of cosmic might levels with a false worshiper before succumbing to oblivion. The offering the human leaves him may not be the one they had planned.

This story has been accepted for publication by the University of Colorado Honors Journal 2015 issue. Print copies will be available beginning April 18th, 2015.

Science Fiction Short Stories

ASI: This story grew out of what is now Intelligence, and follows an android who is driven insane by the conflicting interests of its own programming and the demands of the human society in which it lives. In progress, will be submitted to journals in coming months.

Captain Martin (working title):When an alien claiming to be descended from ancient inhabitants of Mars crash lands on zoologist Carrie Ales’ property, she can’t resist the temptation to take him in, if only for the opportunity to study him. The alien, who she nicknames Martin, lives with her for several weeks. Between a handheld translator, a few humorous (and not so humorous) culture clashes, and the realization that Martin has no one else to go to, the two form a hesitant friendship that proves beneficial to both until Carrie’s former roommate drops in unexpectedly and her terrified response to Martin prompts both Carrie and her unusual house guest to examine the details of Martin’s original mission, and the element of reality that might just be present in tales of alien abduction.

Flash Fiction

Intelligence: The story of an artificial intelligence  working as the personal assistance unit to a top level United States intelligence operative, who is hacked by a foreign entity and slowly forced to betray everything that it has ever known. In progress.

Others: There are Others in the universe: they’ve seen the video feeds to prove it. The others are advanced and likely already on their way. Or are they? Others examines the questions surrounding the theory that other life in the universe would be more advanced than humanity and, if so, why an advanced species would want to make contact with the rest of us in the first place.

Your Move, Planet Earth: The story follows a young woman’s wild description of what rational minds would call a hallucination. She has different, more promising, ideas.

Excerpt: I know it’s stupid. I watched three different mini documentaries about it, so I know. I downloaded fourteen neurobooks. They all said the same thing: Alien. Abductions. Are. Not. Real. But guess what? I was too abducted.


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