Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Creative Non-fiction

Answers is a piece about the promises and pitfalls of the American west. It won an honorary mention in the 2014 Thompson Writing Awards at the University of Colorado’s Center for the American West.

The second edition of the piece was published in Journal 2020 in March, 2015.

Fiction, Low Fantasy, and Paranormal Short Stories


The Itch: Based on the mystery of the author’s great, great grandfather; a minor, dying of black lung, who boarded a train in Salida, Colorado bound for Silverton but never disembarked. Runner up in the fiction category of the 2015 Thompson Writing Awards.

The Last God: A jaded being of cosmic might levels with a false worshiper before succumbing to oblivion. The offering the human leaves him is not the one they had planned. Published in the University of Colorado Honors Journal, 2015.


Science Fiction Short Stories

Your Move, Planet Earth: A woman undergoing the intake process at a psychiatric hospital relays the story of an alien abduction whose consequences she insists the world will soon see. Published in “Colorado’s Emerging Writers” and “America’s Emerging Writers.”

Crossing Main Street on Colony 12: A teenage girl and budding extremist in a species-divided colony encounters an inter-species couple trying to take a stand. Published in “America’s Emerging Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors: Colorado.”


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