T is for: Technobabble

Inventing science from scratch isn’t fun. Well, ok, it is, but in an if-I-play-this-wrong-the-ridicule-will-be-both-deserved-and-endless sort of way.  All the science fiction greats seem to have mastered it, however, from extrapolation based in real science of the author’s time to a rush of invented jargon meant to sound so technical that the reader chooses to believe […]

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2014 Thompson Writing Award winners

2014 Thompson Writing Award winners

By far the most difficult part of writing for me is balancing it with my responsibilities as a student, an employee, a friend, and family member. Things that should be huge developments get overlooked, while behind the scenes tasks of editing and drafting become cause for celebration that no one but me sees. It’s for this reason that I’m a little late in announcing some delightful news: my piece “Answers” won an honorable mention in the creative nonfiction category of the Thompson Writing Awards this spring! The Thompson Awards are held by the University of Colorado’s Center for the American West.

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R is for: Responsibility

Do we have a responsibility to our writing? To our characters? Is writing a responsibility to ourselves, or is it just something that we do? I ask this as I weigh the responsibility I have to write an essay on the fall of Ceausescu by Thursday with my promise to myself that I would get […]

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Q is for: Quandry

Quandaries make great plots. They are less fun in real life. I’m in the middle of one right now called the “is the strange number texting me someone I knew back in high school, someone I used to know in the dorms, or does a total stranger somehow know my name and my interests and […]

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P is for: Posting

I’m doing a terrible job of keeping these A to Z posts new and exciting, so here’s a list of ways to make blog posts interesting which you can imagine that I’ve done here: 1) Pictures! People love pictures. 2) Video! Short video. Attention spans are short and time is finite. 3) Great lists of […]

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