Envoy is an epic in three parts, Acceleration, Collision, and Fission.


Envoy is a social science fiction epic which follows the journey of twenty six year old Grey McPherson, a human asked to join in the first contact effort of a time travelling alien race sixteen years in the future. She finds herself in orbit above the Earth in the year 2023, surrounded by a motley crew of aliens. She eventually befriends one of the stranger members of the crew: Seneca, a temporal officer with a chip on his a shoulder and an alias that could endanger everything.  Grey is quickly entangled in the politics of a new era of nuclear fusion and hesitant alliances on Earth, and a divided crew in orbit above; but before peace between the newcomers and humanity can be achieved,  secrets come to light which could threaten the futures of both planets, their fragile alliance, and Grey herself.


The first installment of Envoy, Acceleration is currently undergoing editing with publication to follow. It focuses on the conflict between Grey and the alien captain, Ozark. As the situation on Earth degrades, it soon becomes apparent that immediate action is the only way to salvage their mission. Though both Grey and members of the crew suggest moving their contact date forward, Ozark, for reasons known only to himself and one reticent commander, will not be moved. With the fate of both the earth and the ship hanging in the balance, Grey searches for an explanation only to find herself entangled in an increasingly complex web of secrets, lies, and mistaken identities which she must navigate before Ozark’s decision can cost the crew  not only their mission, but their lives.

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