Envoy is a social science fiction epic which follows the journey of twenty six year old Grey McPherson, a human asked, at the suggestion of her own future self, to join in the first contact effort of a ship of time-travelling aliens in 2053. Knowing only that she is a paradox–a rarity even among her time-travelling hosts–and somehow able to interpret their languages, she must find her place among the alien crew and her role in their mission. Her new alien coworkers range from a personnel officer who’s just a little too astute, an XO with a taste for imperialism, and a young captain whose stern exterior disguises a host of state secrets.

The initial assumption of both herself and the crew is that her purpose will be to act as a convenient translator. But, moving somewhere in the cosmos and in the shadows, a force far beyond her or her crew-mates is set on using her to do much more: unknown to Grey, she is now responsible for directing the course of the future not only for the mission and two planets, but also for an alien commander that may be a god.




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