O is for: Out or Words

Do you ever have days where you feel our of things to say? I certainly do. But what does one do when this happens in the middle of your first draft? One word: Edit. It is never to early to review what you have so far and see what needs fixing. It saves you the […]

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N is for: Naysaying

Don’t do it! That’s my advice to myself this week. Square three of ten is still better than square one, and as long as I’m doing SOMETHING, that’s valuable. Writers love to stroke our own egos when things go well and then tear ourselves apart when we realize that our work is less than perfect, […]

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M is for: Markup

On this topic I have but two things to say: 1) Track changes in MS Word is the greatest invention. Ever. 2) If you take your frustration out on annotations, you will not be able to read them later. That is all.

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L is for: Len

The character who’s driving me crazy this week. Len (short for Demagalen) is a major player in Redfeather and Envoy, though her influence in the trilogy is subtle and becomes more important in the second and third books. She’s patient and steady until she thinks the time is right for any given action, at which point […]

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G is for: Grey McPherson

Grey is the leading lady in Envoy. When we meet her, she’s twenty six, and working far below her pay grade at her local governor’s office. Though well known for her sense of adventure and a willingness to accept challenges that had made her both the top of her class and the reigning strip poker champion in […]

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