Editing is Go!

This is just a quick announcement to declare that the second draft of Acceleration is officially in the editing stage!  Which is, admittedly, dreadful.

A few quick editing tips while I’m on the subject though, anyone? Yes? Well, here you go!

EDITING TIP NUMBER ONE: Print out your manuscript. You catch so much more when you’re reading it in something closer to book form.

EDITING TIP NUMBER TWO: Multicolored pens are your friend. You can highlight what needs cutting versus what needs changing and keep reading without forgetting why you marked something up, or needing to stop to write yourself a long note. If you do that, you lose the flow of reading it like a book that was so helpful in the first place.

EDITING TIP NUMBER THREE: Format for the type of editing you’re trying to do. Small print for printing, large print for fine detail work, etc. And when printing, I actually recommend single spacing not only because it save you paper, but because you’ll have no room to write too-long notes. It forces you to be concise.

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