R is for: Responsibility

Do we have a responsibility to our writing? To our characters? Is writing a responsibility to ourselves, or is it just something that we do? I ask this as I weigh the responsibility I have to write an essay on the fall of Ceausescu by Thursday with my promise to myself that I would get a sample of Acceleration sent out to an agent by next week, and all the editing that’s involved in that. Are those both responsibilities, or is one of them an indulgence? I feel that depends on whether something you want to do can still be a “responsibility”  or if it’s something else entirely.

One thought on “R is for: Responsibility

  1. We are taught to downplay the responsibility we have to ourselves to find fulfillment. I’d say that the responsibility to get your sample out is an important thing, not a mere “indulgence.”
    I’m visiting from the A to Z challenge list. My team’s blog is Poetry of the Netherworld.

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