L is for: Len

The character who’s driving me crazy this week.

Len (short for Demagalen) is a major player in Redfeather and Envoy, though her influence in the trilogy is subtle and becomes more important in the second and third books. She’s patient and steady until she thinks the time is right for any given action, at which point she’s incredibly direct. She doesn’t believe in the word “no”, doesn’t take orders well, let’s go of difficult things easily but never forgets a face, and likes to think she’s in charge (ok, so, maybe she is) of every word I write. Trying to work with her is like having someone walk backwards in front of you for miles without saying anything. Instead, they just smirk at you from an unnerving distance. Then, when they finally step aside, and finally get out of your way, they stick their foot out and tell you something profound while you trip on it.

Other fun facts:

– She’s an alien

– She likes to dye her feathers loud, unnatural colors including bronco orange, neon green, and hot pink and always wears matching contacts

– “Do you have a problem with sex workers?” is her idea of a pick up line (Ok, so that’s the first half of her pickup line, there’s a lot more context to be had there but I’d hate to spoil you all)

– She’s the kind of person that feeds stray animals on a regular basis

– Nothing is more likely to ruin a meal than her cooking it

– She sings Earth pop songs in the shower (badly)

– (Spoilers) She may or may not have a vital connection to the fabric of the universe

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