G is for: Grey McPherson

Grey is the leading lady in Envoy. When we meet her, she’s twenty six, and working far below her pay grade at her local governor’s office. Though well known for her sense of adventure and a willingness to accept challenges that had made her both the top of her class and the reigning strip poker champion in college, since a near death experience in Washington, D.C. on 9/11 and her parent’s divorce shortly thereafter, she’s been keeping closer to home. That is until an alien appears in her back yard on orders from her future self, and drags her away to the year 2023 to act as their mediator.

Grey is sarcastic and brash, but sensitive to the needs and moods of those around her, intelligent, but often overly cautious. Learning not to second guess herself may be a greater challenge than preventing an interplanetary war, which is supposed to be her job. She’s a chronic insomniac, which is what leads her into a friendship with the complicated figure of Seneca, the ship’s third in command. Also an avid reader and assuming a motto of “never take no for an answer”, she often learns more than she ought to, from him as well as others.

Before her story is over she’ll have laughed and cried and bled for her cause . . . not to mention the fifteen years of time travel. Tempering her attitude and igniting her ambition, her character arc is not one of self discovery so much as self assertion the question being: will she learn her lesson in time?

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